Fleet Monitoring

Dredge and Dumping fleet


CDS Fleeting Monitoring System tracks the exact location of your vessels and sends a real-time location feed to your designated control tower. The system is critical for vessel scheduling and is essential for logistics planning. Our system is also suitable for maritime traffic monitoring by authorities.

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Maritime Security

Ports & Coasts Surveillance

CDS has assisted maritime authorities in the installation of vessel tracking system known as the Harbour Craft Transponder System (HARTS). Through HARTS, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is able to monitor vessels movements, preempt maritime threats and respond to security situations more effectively. HARTS provides agile surveillance support for maritime authorities to track especially small vessels which radar monitoring otherwise couldn’t effectively monitor, thus bolstering defence against attacks from small vessels.

Maritime Security

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Oceanography/ Hydrography

Coastal & Seabed Explorations

During critical missions such as vessels/aircraft recovery in mid sea, it is crucial for investigators to understand as much of the ocean environment as possible. That is where investigators engage CDS’ hydrographic and oceanographic exploration services. Using proprietary equipment, we track, collect and analyse a myriad of data (from sonic echo, wind speed, underwater currents to GPS coordinates) and generate reports that directly help the investigators to make informed decisions. CDS has been engaged for such recovery missions, including aircraft crash site investigations.

oceanography surveys

Consultancy Services

Coastal Diagnostics Services provides highly customised systems for vessels of all sizes. Everyday, countless number of vessels are relying on CDS equipments to provide data and reports. We ourselves use the equipment daily and are therefore capable of providing quick support and turnaround time for all projects.

CDS offers consultancy in these areas:

– Oceanographic / hydrographic systems
– Tide gauges and monitoring systems
– Maritime disasters investigation
– Fleet monitoring
– Local Land and Hydrographic Surveys
– Underwater Housing for Offshore and Near Shore Solution
– Remote Operated Vehicles (emergency repair and operation)
– Provide total package or solution for Dredging Presentation System
– Solution provider for the offshore and onshore sector
– Consultation services to maritime and defence authorities

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