Data Logger
Data LoggerData Logger

Data Logger with 2GB SD Card

Model: ECD232DL-DV-2P-1
Isolated RS-232 Data Logger
Designed for real-time data logging


Product Description

ECD232DL, RS-232 Data Logger is designed for real-time data logging. It receives data (ASCII code) via RS-232 from any compatible sensors, equipments and devices. Each data recorded is date and time-stamped when it is stored (when real time function enabled). A new file (.txt) is generated for each day’s worth of data. Data is stored onto an MMC/SD card. Up to 2GByte capacity is compatible with the device. Higher capacity cards are not supported. The MMC/SD card can be removed from the logger and inserted into the card reader which connected to a PC, stored data files are accessed in the same way as files on the computer’s other disk drives. The files may be read and manipulated in any standard program (e.g. Notepad, MS Excel…).

Isolation, industrial design, small size, user indication, and DC supply make the ECD232DL a very engineer-friendly device for your data communication system data logging

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